Fisher price tablet frp done

Port : Fastboot Interface
Baud Rate : Not Applicable
Device : Generic
Operation : MTK FRP Reset
Searching for Device in FastBoot Mode… OK
Reading Information… OK
FastBoot Ver. : 0.5
Product : FP7
Warranty : Yes
Bootloader : Locked
Bootloader is Locked. FRP Reset may fail!
Removing FRP Lock… Done
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 00:03
[Module Ver. 3.8]
Log Saved to Logs0526_120343.log

What happened to my service, a month ago?

355432079024044 What happened to my service, a month ago? It’s been over a month now with no return. It never gets ready you can give me the right time

-=First in the World solve Problem”Please Call Me”Samsung Note 5 N920S=-

-=First in the World solve Problem"Please Call Me"Samsung Note 5 N920S=- Quote: Waiting for phone… Checking CWM presence… CWM Detected! Unlocking… Disabling ‘Please Call Me’… Rebooting Phone… Operation successfully completed

iPhone 6 plus Still no touch after ic replace

I have problem with iPhone 6 plus . I had touch disease with grey bar. A replaced u2402 and grey bar was fixed but still not touch. I replace u2401 but still no touch . ( i try new and reballed ic ). Some solution ? Maybe problem is a1 and m1 ?

Asus_X013DB Official Firmware File Link Plz……

Asus_X013DB Official Firmware File Link Need……Its Baseband and Restart Problem……I Need Solution and Official File Link

advise not to do the rehot on glued IC

Hi Many times the rehot is a lucky solution but it does not always work ceck image maybe useful.. Attachment 357858 Attached Images REHOT.JPG (113.4 KB)

Micromax Q400 FRP done {Success Report}

One Click Micromax Q400 FRP Done with UNI tool in EDL Mode.. 😉 Code: >>Current Task: LYF>>Qualcomm>>Clear FRP>>AUTO >>Operation: 1.Remove battery and insert battery back. 2.Press and hold ‘VolumeUp’ and ‘VolumeDown’ keys. 3.Please insert USB cable within 50 seconds.   Some phones need to use edl cable or special card slot. >>Port Found[COM148]. >>Hardware Id:009600e1 … Continue reading

free checker: soldby+FMI (support iPhone7)

SN: ********HG6Y Product Desc: iPhone 7 Model: iPhone 7 32GB Gold MM A1660 Country: China Sold by: APPLE Store Simlock: Unlocked Refurbished by Apple: No Intial carrier: NULL iCloud Status: clean/lost Telephone Technical Support: Expired Repairs and Service Coverage: Active Find My iPhone: ON warranty start: 2016-10-07 warranty end: 2017-10-14 Left Days: 151 Under Applecare: … Continue reading

FRP Remove on Sone smartphone done with Sigmakey

Sony E6653 Z5 premium 7.0 frp done with sigma box Sony Z5 E6653 Android 7.0 FRP Done Quote: SigmaKey 2.25.02 ADB: Remove FRP * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * ^ Android Composite ADB Interface Phone model: Sony E6653 Android 7.0; Firmware: 32.3.A.2.33; Date: Fri Feb 24 10:29:16 CST … Continue reading

G900F Recovery Booting

Galaxy S5 Stuck on Bootloop and wont enter recovery Things Ive Tried – Flashing Via Samsung Smart Switch – Flashing PIT File