Blackberry modude error

anyone can tell my how to fix ? :confused:
can’t open blackberry, and can’t start chinese soft.
before working without problem.
thanks for help.

World’s First – Huawei Mate 9 erase userdata ”Pin lock” Successful


tool hua dongle

prejudice and I just got the dongle hua purchased on gsm server, where I can find the operating tool ??

Behaviour after vcc_main short repair

Hello guys! I have a board with this behaviour on the power supply after vcc_main repair: https://*********/LHjg1AR29mI It was water damaged and I have already changed the corroded caps near U1202 Seems to have no shorts now, But the phone doesn’t start or heat on an area. Anyone can solve this? Thanks! Enviado de meu … Continue reading

Unlock Oppo A31c ?

how to unlock Oppo A31c thanks

error drk d925a

Using Version… Selected Model SM-G925A Selected Task SAMSUNG DRK Repair ADB Searching ADB device Please wait.. Device Detected… Security:= OFF Unsecure device model:= SAMSUNG-SM-G925A Androids Version:= 6.0.1 Description Version:= zerolteuc-user 6.0.1 MMB29K G925AUCS5DPJ1 release-keys Platform:= exynos5 [ samsungexynos7420 ] [ SHANNON333 ] Baseband:= G925AUCS5DPJ1 VER:= G925AUCS5DPJ1/G925AATT5DPJ1/G925AUCS5DPJ1/G925AUCS5DPJ1 Carrier := ATT_USA EFS CSC := ATT AP UART … Continue reading

hello team Pattern lock not done

Hello have tried some MT6580 phones and pattern lock not done, phone is locked with official lock screen, but inferno not do the job, please fix it. 11:31:09 Available Ports:COM1 COM4 COM26 COM27 11:31:10 Current Port:Com0 11:31:22 Current Task: USB Reset Pattern lock(EMMC) 11:31:23 11:31:23 11:31:23 11:31:23 Operation: 1. Power off the phone. 2. Please … Continue reading

Need firmware lg ls775

I need firmware ls775 because my device hang on download mode and i need write firmware to fix it أرسلت من MHA-L29 بإستخدام تاباتلك

iPad Air LTE: Sometime boot loop, sometime Boot to home screen ok..

Sometime boot loop, sometime Boot to home screen ok..then randomly reboot itself after few mins… i dont think the board was water damaged. dont see any corrison. however some caps was burnt. so i’ve replaced them. There is one damaged cap near battery connector which is not on schematic. can anyone tell me the value? … Continue reading

Selling ATF Nitro with 4 in 1 JTAG Adapter

Hi all, I just bought wrong box. So going to sell it. It is new, unused. Activated Advanced Turbo Flasher (ATF) comes with 4 in 1 JTAG adapter. PM me if you are interested