iCloud Remove in Just 6h – 12h 100% very fast service

iCloud Remove in Just 6h – 12h 100% very fast service

iCloud remove Middle East IMEI slow 7-14 day.

iCloud remove all Europe IMEI fast 7-14 day

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27.9 cant repair g935f on android 7.0

pleas elet me know what has to be done_ Do I really have to downgrade modem ? Code: Operation: Repair Selected model: SM-G935F Software version: 27.9 If you are looking for ‘Repair Network’ function then you should use ‘Patch Certificate’ Waiting ADB device… Ok Reading phone info… Model: SM-G935F Android version: 7.0 Product code: SM-G935FZKABTU … Continue reading

Cm-tool not open quallcom exe or lg

CM-TOOL NOT OPEN QUALLCOM EXE OR LG I TRY TO UPDATE MANY TIME SAME ERROR PLEASE HELP ME DongleManager [Infinity-Box] v1.68 [3/25/2017 9:31:00 PM] PC HWID: 3C3FBF761C4B74A508C06DD8770FA8F3 Scanning… Box/Dongle found: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle Card-Reader: Generic Usb Smart Card Reader 0 HWID: 0108AD7624881292 Box/Dongle Serial No (S/N): D165AD76 Firmware version: 0134.02 "UK edition" status: Off Last launched … Continue reading

Order in waiting action

Please cancel this order, 10 days waiting action. 3055829 Waiting Action Check iPhone/iPad iCloud iD By Imei +UDID (Reply Name + Mail +Phone Only) Wrong Information Recvied 3 Days Refund Warranty) user:Sixfactor

samsung g928w8 unlock error

plese help how to sovle this error [IMG][/IMG] Operation: Unlock Selected model: SM-G928W8 Software version: 23.7 Waiting ADB device… OK Reading phone info… Model: SM-G928W8 Android version: 5.1.1 Product code: SM-G928WZKARWC Phone version: G928W8VLU2AOK5 PDA version: G928W8VLU2AOK5 CSC version: G928W8OYA2AOK5 CSC country code: Canada CSC sales code: RWC HW version: REV0.1 Phone S/N: R58G71LEVHN Modem … Continue reading

How to root Samsung s5 android 6.0.1 (solved)

How to root Samsung s5 android 6.0.1 is working with me 100% https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QHt7L1…8N3V_fms2AE%3D Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk

how to data recover for dead Samsung i9300 phone

how to data recover for dead Samsung i9300 phone please any body give me idia

Mi note 3 pattern read error

>>Operation: 1.Remove battery and insert battery back. 2.Press and hold ‘VolumeUp’ and ‘VolumeDown’ keys. 3.Please insert USB cable within 50 seconds. Some phones need to use edl cable or special card slot. >>Port Found[COM3]. >>Waiting for flash programmer to boot. >>Name: kenzo >>Brand: Xiaomi >>Device: kenzo >>Release Version 6.0.1 >>BaseBand CPU: msm8952 >>Project Version: MMB29M … Continue reading

Request for Bin file Firmware Wiko Sunset or Everglow D40 ?

Hello need a full flash file (.bin) for wiko sunset or everglow D40 >>> Scanning Mobile USB Port… MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM411) Detecting COM Port COM411 >>> Connecting Mobile,Wait.. CPU: MT6572 SW: 8A00(0000) VER: CA01 Mobile Connection Success. >>> Downloading First Boot… Boot Ack ok. >>> Downloading Second Boot… Flash Type: EMMC Flash … Continue reading

Huawei Y6pro TIT-U02 cant unlock frp

After unlock phone still frp locked. Quote: SigmaKey v.2.23.04 552445064 Sigma dongle 2.23, Initializing…OK Pack 1: Activated Pack 2: Activated Pack 3: Activated ——— 2017-03-25 16:14:10 ——— SigmaKey 2.23.04 MTK: Remove FRP / Huawei ID Phone model: HUAWEI TIT-U02 Version: TIT-U02C579B10 Removing FRP lock…..Done