redmi 4a repair imei not done ?????

Scanning devices … 1 found
dev[1] 211ffc911f5c3
Mode: normal
Hardware: qcom
Manufactory: XIAOMI
Model: REDMI 4A
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver

Checking environment …
System Info
Display ID: MMB29M
System Ver: 6.0.1 REL
API Level: 23
Incremental: V8.2.1.0.MCCMIDL
Model: Redmi 4A
Brand: Xiaomi
Device: rolex
Platform: msm8937
Product: rolex
Language: en
Rigion: BH

SDCard Info
> CID: 150100514531334d4207211ffc91a300
> CSD: d02701320f5903fff6dbffef8e404000
> Type: MMC
> Serial: 0x211ffc91
> Parts: 50

Device Info
Serial number: 211ffc911f5c3
Hardware: qcom
Bootmode: unknown
Bootloader ver: unknown
Revision: 0
Main version:
Baseband ver: msm
GSM baseband: ENNS_PACK-1.79712.1.83179.1_V035
Get Bluetooth info failed
WiFi interface:
WiFi MAC: ac:c1:ee:7f:76:ad
WiFi state: SCANNING
Root Access: No root

Get device information done , time used 9.55s
Time used : 9.6 s

Writing IMEI1 … ok
Writing IMEI2 … ok
Writing MEID1 … ok
Operation successfully completed

but imei is unknown help me bst team

Lg 325

After reset mobile hang on logo need flash file Thanks

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need old ocltoplus lg box iam from india please callomn9226335635

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