s3exy hony time service no longer live cs-tool 1.38 beta start

s3exy hony time service no longer live cs-tool 1.38 beta start
qmobile x90 v2
remove malware succes

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Qmobile C15 SPD6531 Formate Done By Great Infinity CM2

Formate Done.. :: NO FAKE ADVERTISEMENT :: :: NO FAKE UPDATES :: :: NO FAKE WORLD’S FIRST :: :: NO FAKE BLA BLA BLA :: Stay Tune! More Developing!! More coming!!!

error oss client

hi guys, i have this error, the program not open corretly. anyone can help me to solve this error? sry for my bad english. i buy new pc because my old pc crashed. when i installed oss client i got this error.:confused::confused: thx for help.

SM-J5007 Cert Write Done

SM-J5007 Cert Write Done 🙂 Using Version… Selected Port VCP0 = COM7 Selected Model GT-I5503 Selected Task SAM CERT WRITE ALL SAMSUNG CERT WRITE STARTED.. Searching Phone Please wait… Phone Found Wait… TEST MODE OK.. Details. SM-J5007,N,FA51_J5007ZTU1AOH2,FA51_J5007ZTU1AOH2,J500 7Z Model := SM-J5007 UNIQID := CQN00462196DA33 Phone IMEI := null/empty Device Knox Warranty is := Void Default … Continue reading

Samsung G532F Dead

Samsung G532F Flashing fail and set Completed Dead please help me:confused:

SM-G925T not have DRK

Has installed this firmware G925T_UVU5EPK5_6.0.1._4 file, but DRK not fixed. How to solve it? FRP lock ON. Attached Images IMG_00.jpg (41.2 KB)

Need help bypass frp galaxy a5 2016

Have tried to remove with z3x and it says must enable adb, I try flash combination firmware and it send phone to factory mode and then says cp crash seconds after boot, I tried downgrade to older firmware and won’t let me. Any help would appreciate as anything I’ve tried on youtube not working either. … Continue reading

Iphone 6S touch id error

Hi I have an iphone 6s with touch id error "please try later". when I switch on it gives no error, but when I go into settings – touch id and try to enable it the error appears. The following voltages: PP3V0_MESA_CONN PP16V5_MESA_CONN PP1V8_MESA_CONN PP1V8_TOUCH_TO_MAMBA_CONN written in schematic are always present when the phone is … Continue reading

i have lost icloud can possible unlock 20pcs

i have lost icloud can possible unlock 20pcs

Working as a technician in a mobile insurance company

Hello I am trying to help my self and our gsmhosting member and moderator. I know as a technician when we work there is many problem occurs during the work like phone dead or phone problem because of working! I have so many mother board in stock or any parts you need for repair the … Continue reading