Need help for G930FXXU1BPLB

Hello guys;
I have G930FXXU1BPLB with user lock problem,as i always do,installed compatible twrp recovery,installed which is attached to this post but after rebooting phone is restarting on logo.I downloaded many firmwares but they’re all full 4 file firmwares which deletes everything in device memory.
In your idea what’s the best way to revive the device without losing the data?
please help.

PS:Besides i have the firmware installed on this device,will flashing just AP part solve this problem?!!!

prob unlock huawei gr5

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need Firmware/Stock oF ENES G1O

Infinity [BEST] Lumia Repair Pack v1.06 – New models included

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G920F Android 7.0

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microbox support model g900h?

my z3x not detected any more ,

hi my z3x card not detected , this is the second box , i lost the first one by the same way , plz check what is the probleme

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I have Iphone7 IOS version 10.2.1 is Possible to use IPR service for Icloud ? I have Phone in Hand Kindly help me in this matter Thanks In Advance MFC BOX TEAM