qualcomm flashing tool

pls tell me best tool for Snapdragon /Qualcomm flashing tools and guide..

J100M dead boot repair helpl

The cmd resistor came out at the time of welding. What is the value of this resistor? Does not connect with medusa pro. I’ve tried 10kohms, but it does not connect

Y3II mtk base after unlock frp same frp lock but crdit consume

Y3II mtk base after unlock frp same frp lock but crdit consume why all data same if me reset it its same lock Dc unlocker team can u guide me what me do next Me buy a new activation at my infinity box For recovery of this phone must 1 more activation dc phoenix ? … Continue reading

SM-J500H/Ds Cert and QCN

Badly need Sm-J500H/Ds Qcn and cert thanks ..

I need solution y511 touchscreen intermittent touch

Huawei y511 intermittent touch problem. .I have changed the screen touch several times. Instead of 5 it press 4 or 9 it 0 it always respond with a wrong fugure. I have clean the socket surface of touch screen on main pba .still the same the fault not solved.I need solutions for this to whom … Continue reading

IPhone 6 After Nand Programming Error 2009

I reprogrammed with ipbox v2 now its gives error 2009. Are anyone know the problem? Also i changed this nand from 5s nand

LS777 Frp

i have one unit to remove frp i selected ls775 and ls993 failed to remove any help from support ?

Problem of gitag card z3x

Hello my brothers i have a problem i bought a new box but i have this problem is there a solution please

need help to remove lock code e61i

hi there need help to remove e61i lock code i flashed the phone with ufs-3 and i choose an option reset lock code but its steal after the phone boots up the lock screen message pops up and the pass 12345 doesn’t work i even try to hard reset phone but nothing helps any idea? … Continue reading

How to backup rom with EFT Dongle

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=watch?v=lV-igviM03A&feature=********* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV-i…ture=********* By Botan Mohammad