g531f frp lock don……………

Lg-f800l 7.0 frp remove solve

LG-F800L 7.0 FRP REMOVE SOLVE THANKS to Z3X TEAM LG 2-3G Tool v9.32 supported models: 1440 Not detect phone! Please manual select port or reboot PC! Mode: Emergency Model: F800L Read info… Model name: LG-F800L Software verion: F800L10y Android verion: 7.0 IMEI: 352160081426XXX Elapsed: 14 secs. –> (v9.32) Mode: Emergency Model: F800L Read info… Model … Continue reading

Help unlock SM-G570M FRP J5 Prime

Please help team! This tool is not removing frp lock no matter how I try. first I flash the combination file to see if this would work it say frp remove or bypass successful and I even hard reset phone plenty times. Then I flash firmware that the tool support and it still didn’t worked, … Continue reading

Kyocera msm8916 check team

Operation: Read Info Searching for phone….. FlashMode Detected. Hello received. HW ID: 57003900E1507000 MSM8916 Error, can’t find coresponding loader, aborting. Please load loader manually for this cpu. Total Time: 00:00:04 Done. PLZ SUPPORT NEXT UPDATE

Meizu M3 Note (L681H) Password Remove Success Volcano Box

>>MTK USB Port (COM64) >> >>Connecting… >>CPU TYPE:MT6755/50 >>Hardware version:CB00 >>Software version:0001 >>SecCfgVal :0x07000000 >>BromVersion :0x05 >>BLVersion :0xFE >>Boot downloading complete! >>EMMC_ID:0x150100525831424d42 >>EMMC_PRODUCT_NAME: >>EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE:0x400000 >>EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE:0x400000 >>EMMC_PRMB_SIZE:0x400000 >>EMMC_GP1_SIZE:0x0 >>EMMC_GP2_SIZE:0x0 >>EMMC_GP3_SIZE:0x0 >>EMMC_GP4_SIZE:0x0 >>EMMC_USER_SIZE:0x747c00000(29.12G) >>INT RAM: 0KB SDRAM EXT RAM: 0KB DRAM >>Find partition success. >>Format range: Start Address: 0xEB000000,Format Length :0x65BBFBE00 >>Format completed Tara Mobile Service:):)

s6 after water dmg, fake overheat claims.

I cleaned PCB in ultrasound after water damage. phone power on, but it doesnt run any appliction since it claims it is too hot (but it is not) It also refuses to charge. any tip what to replace/remove/jump to bypass this behaviour?

samsung sm-j500f ime repiar

pls tel me how to repiar ime with octopus box samsung sm-j500f

Gt-s7582 Imei 2 Repair for this Platform is Not Supported yet..

:confused: Imei 2 Repair for this Platform is Not Supported yet.. Gt-s7582

cancel my order

web said 2 days get done but suddenly almost 6 days my order not done only msl code imie 354607087750919 id# 3395200