Any possibility of running nougat on a imei repaied s7 yet?

I tried quite a few things and couldnt get it working, any way to update to nougat after repair imei?

EFT Dongle Add Persian Lan J7008 TNX EFT

Add Persian Lan J7008 please new theme & change style program

What are the smart card tasks?

Hello, how is the smart card question, which compensates for activation of the box or what is the function of the smart card and thank you Can I abandon the activation and buy smart card…ox-smart-card/

Add SPD 6810/6820

Infinity team Plz Add SPD 6810/6820 CPU in ur InfinityBox CM2SPD Tool

g610-u20 imei invalid

>>Current Task: USB Wirte IMEI(META) >> >>COM port searching and preloader handshake. >>Connect port COM37. >> >>COM port searching and preloader handshake. >>Connect successfully. >>CPU TYPE:MT6589 >>DSP Firmware Version:2000.00.00 >>DSP Patch Version:1.0 >>Software Version:MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V5.P11 >>Hardware Version:HUAWEI89_WE_W_JB2_MD1_HSPA_HW >>Audio Version:Unknown >>IMEI1:866343028529060 >>IMEI2:866343028567078

samsung g531f/dd frp

how to remove frp lock in samsung g531f/dd (samsung grand prime 4g).. pls help me ,,,,…. thanks

qualcoom qcn read problem

Port : COM31 : Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic Port (UMT) (COM31) Baud Rate : 921600 Device : Qualcomm Android Operation : Read QCN Opening Port… OK Reading Phone Information… Failed Port Closed. Operation Failed. Elapsed Time: 00:03 [Module Ver. 3.8]

miracle box 2.48 with dongle error

i am using miracle box win 7 ultimate 32 bit its gives some time error while writing flash and writing imei etc miracle box has stoped working window can check online solution check online for solution for cloase program cose the program seprate exploer open pls help me urget:D

Need help G355H dead boot.

G355H dead boot Retry Fail! ———- eMMC Device Information ———- EMMC CID : 1501004B3558594D420316B0DEE88134 EMMC CSD : D02701320F5903FFF6DBFFEF8E40400C EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0015 , OEM ID: 0100 EMMC Date: 08/2014 Rev.0x3 EMMC NAME: K5XYMB , S/N: 380690152 EMMC NAME (HEX): 4B3558594D4200 EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 3728 MB EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 4096 … Continue reading

Htc D820N s-off not done

Sending oem writesecureflag 0 … (bootloader) SecuritySDInit: counter = 2 (bootloader) a51dtul_init_sd, SD card already power on (bootloader) a51dtul_init_sd, SD card io already power on (bootloader) sdhci_open: id=0 (bootloader) Initializing MMC host data structure and clock! (bootloader) mmc slot#2 clock enabled (bootloader) sdhci_set_clock: slot 2, freq 192000000 (bootloader) GPLL0 is enabled (bootloader) clock_update_cfg_sd is done … Continue reading