What is a work id and why is it important

Where can you find the work id?

The work id is a unique set of numbers our support stuff can use to identify a specific procedure. If an operation fails, you can get help from our support stuff by sending its work id.

Where can I find the work id?
There are three ways to find the work id:

The id can be found in the log at the end of each procedure.

In the Chimera tool software:Profile menu -> Job history sub-menu

On the Chimeratool.com website, after login, under the menu item Job history.

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Hi, i waiting for support via skype readin this: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f922…ocked-2174151/ how to solve with usb filter driver installed by AMD? All device work over filter amd for more stability, but non compatible with gcPro I waiting for suuporter like kfelabs in skype br polaco

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samsung sm j700h mt6583 firmware