Falcon box

Guys when there will be an update ?And then on many models, Samsung does not have enough

N920P PJ2 Root and unlock

For those of you who are having issue to root or problem of unlocking, here is the steps- 1- Go to sttings, enable developer mode, turn On OEM unlock 2- Before you proceed to root, pls note that the phone will not boot right after you flash. It’ll restart a couple of times before it … Continue reading

Nokia 150 Complete Support is ON! :)

WorldFirst and etc. 😀 HDM Global Nokia 150 ( RM-1189 and RM-1190 ) supported with BEST. Download Firmware : Code: SSChannel : Create SC SSChannel : SC Created! ProductID HWCode : RM-1190 Selected Variant : RM-1190 NDT EURO EI WHITE CYRILLIC RU Firmware Version : 10.02.11 Platform Version : S30+ SSChannel : DC Ok with … Continue reading

[HELP] HTC One M9 Stuck in Fastboot Mode

Hello, I have an HTC One M9 (SPRINT) here that is stuck in fastboot mode. Phone will not power on to normal OS, it just boots to fastboot mode where I can select "Reboot to Bootloader" etc…. I am trying to flash stock firmware back to this phone to see if I can get it … Continue reading

iCloud remove UK IMEI fast, work fine

iCloud remove UK IMEI fast work fine iCloud Remove in Just 6h – 12h 100% very fast service iCloud remove Middle East IMEI slow 7-14 day. iCloud remove all Europe IMEI fast 7-14 day Code4gsm Registation our company focus on Best Support and Best price viber/ whatsapp : +85262715320 Skype: code4gsm or rashel_khan QQ: 2565439736 … Continue reading

cm2 problem

cm2 v1.47 work good when setup 1.058 not open DongleManager [Infinity] v1.69 [28/03/2017 09:13:11 AM] PC HWID: 55CE226A09786C41789B40C32164D80F Searching… Card-Reader: FT SCR2000 0 HWID: 0102A27820281292 Box/Dongle found: [BEST] Reading… Serial No (S/N): D548A278 Firmware version: 0122.02 ———- DongleUpgradeStarted 28/03/2017 09:13:14 AM ———- Connecting to server Server connection successfully established Checking DongleManager version… Your DongleManager is … Continue reading

g900h samsung original

i have volcano box z3x box bst dongle but not support remove samsung account model g900h 6.0.1 how to remove? volcano box very good support thanks

Sprint /AT&T / T-Mobile /Softbank /KDDI Direct to source

Sprint USA iPhone 4/4S/5/5s/5c Premium 24 Hours Sprint USA – iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+/SE Premium 24 Hours Sprint USA iPhone 7 / 7+ Premium Service Slow Sprint USA iphone 7/7+ Premium Service Fast AT&T USA iPhone 4S,5s,5c,6,6+,6s,6s+,SE Clean Service AT&T USA IPhone 5/5s/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE/7/7+ Premium 100% Express AT&T USA – iPhone 6s/6s Plus Express Semi Premium 50-80% AT&T … Continue reading

i need sulotion remove samsung acount g900h 6,0,1

plzhelp me for remove i search but not see easy solotion plz help me