N930 FRP help !!

I did flash combination file n930vvru3apl1.zip , after that i can not flash stock firmware n930vvrs2aphe .

please help ?

I can not do FRP with z3x .

About chimera

Why chimera tool is very expensive we Will pay 110 euro every year


Hi, We are happy to announce that in we added on the support area 600GB of firmwares and customizations for the following models: MODEL———————-NAME———————CUST&BUILD __________________________________________________ ____ Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C02B397 Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C25B308 Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C150B337 Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C432B390 Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C469B160 Huawei P8——————-GRA-L09——————-C25B132 Huawei P8——————-GRA-TL00——————-C01B370 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C00B370 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C185B381 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C433B183 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C470B200 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C636B364 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL00——————-C900B300 Huawei P8——————-GRA-UL10——————-C900B300 Huawei … Continue reading

Samsung sm-a710fd frp

How to remove frp samsung sm-a710fd with miracle box

Please add this option with eft

Please add edit custom about device

a320f done

UNLOCK INSTRUCTIONS: Phone must be rooted! If the software can’t root the phone automatically, then you must root your device manually. 1. Power on the phone. 2. Tap 7 times on ‘Build number’ in ‘Settings’-‘About phone’ to enable ‘Developer options’, go to ‘Settings’-‘Developer options’ and enable ‘USB debugging’. 3. Connect the phone to PC with … Continue reading

Alcael One Touch Upgrade

Mobile upgrade v4.6.0 and lower are giving me NETWORK ERROR since more than a week, i try two computers and same error, somebody know what happen with this service? – Attachment 359285 Thanks in advance Attached Images mobile upgrade network error.jpg (80.4 KB)

Hi, I need the code to unlock the citroen

Hi, I need the code to unlock the citroen citroen 2014RDS SN:GR0947T1258318 Thanks a lot for your help:)

Alcatel A460T com port issue

I have an Alcatel A460T here that won’t unlock through OTSmart because it’s saying to change the com port to something between 0 and 255. According to OTSmart it is showing on port 305, but in device manager it is only showing up as Android device and no comport. Does anymore know how to go … Continue reading

intex aqua carve mini update afta dead

intex aqua carve mini firmeya update afta now dead itry to 04/05 ver update still same i flash to miracel box sptoil flash same error show file load time uboot error any one have good file and how to recovery to power on plz help me