Faisal computer sir

I m compues I used inferno one year in my volcano box non activation I mean no merapi activation but I one year now my activation is how much? Thanks for understanding this English

unlock order metro pcs app failed,one month waiting !

pleae team check this order from 2017 07 01,already sent message to check the unlock process but i did no received any answer. order number is 3578240

Alcatel ot 5054o 5.1.1 frp done by umt

Operation : Reset FRP Checking for existing devices… Found Port : COM63 Opening Port… OK Init Handshake Sequence… OK Hardware ID : E1009600 [8909] 19004200 Initializing Protocol… OK Using Auto Selection Preparing Firehose Loader… Done Sending Loader [8909_5.ufl]… Done Executing Loader… OK Hardware : 8909, eMMC, 16 GB Payload Info : In: 262144 [4096], Out: … Continue reading

Please fix Samsung P5100 unlock

It was on 4.0.3 Rooted with everything that can be used to root 4.0.3. Tried more 4.0.3 firmwares Still locked… Updated to 4.0.4 Rooted with everything that can be used to root 4.0.4. Tried more 4.0.4 firmwares Still locked… Updated to 4.2.2 Rooted with everything that can be used to root 4.2.2 Tried two 4.2.2 … Continue reading

Refund please dont want to open dispute

Order # 18828 Order date 2017-07-07 IMEI 3533170774191XX

karbon k9 china

karbon k9 china mobile spd 6531 so, restriction feld problem..

server problem

Hi I have a problem with the release of FRP for Huawei, on my account I should have 11 credits but I can not visualize them. I always have this error.25 / 07/2017 19.05.46 FlyCaptain Huawei Module v2.0.0.0154 Furious Gold Pack 7 Dongle S / N: 6CEDB501 Before the detection connect the cable to usb … Continue reading

Guys which tools can flash hisilicon processor

Hi guys I need small help I need tools can flash the hisilicon processor kindly noted ( I mean flash the processor not the flash chip so any one can help me and tell which tools can do that The processor which I need to flash it Hi6731 Best regard

samsung root file needed

someone please with root file twrp-sm-j327p