DORO 6520 [ DFC-0050 ] Unlocked …

DORO 6520 [ DFC-0050 ] Unlocked OK with NCK Box …

USB Connection selected.
Connect phone in boot mode …
Com port ok : COM24
Phone detected…Please wait
Conected ok with target …
Reopen comport(COM24)
BaseBand CPU : MT6276
SW_VER : 6520_NF05_S05A_V04_M161115_MP
Meta mode conected ok, start reading phone….
Phone imei[1] : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone imei[2] : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unlock ok sim[1]
Block1[N]: Unlocked
Block2[NS]: Unlocked
Block3[SP] Unlocked
Block4[C]: Unlocked
All done.

– Select MT6276
– Unlock Phone
– and phone is unlocked .

P.S. READ INFO ( Codes ) not working ….

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Selected model: A707 Selected port: COM42 Qualcomm Diagnostics Interface 3197 Selected port speed: 115200 Reading phone info… OK Phone S/N: RV1P39xxx6 Reading IMEI… OK IMEI: 353777015341866 Build: M6275B-KMRZ-3.2.7112.1E Reading sysinfo… OK Calculating… error Done with Samsung Tool v.19.1

nearly 4 months without update ???

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hello , i have an iphone 6 that have backlight issue so i’ve changed the backlight circuit and jumped filter 2024 and change chestnut ic and checked all filters and still no backlight just apple logo without backlight any ideas???