Frp sm-g570y


I see there is no support for FRP for this model: SM-G570Y?
Can this be added please?
I can see there is support for SM-G570F. Can I use this?


iPhone 4s Disabled

Hello Team. I have a iPhone 4s disabled on-hand. I want to bypass it with MFC but my problem is i don’t know the exact ios version for this iphone. Can MFC dongle read info for this iphone 4s???? TIA

error 0x00000002 when try repair network in g925i

i some body can help me whit how to repair network in g925 5.1.1 im try ,the repair imei run well but repair network send this error : thanks for the help Bienvenido en Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software versiĆ³n 2.4.9 ———————————————————————————– To connect SM-G925I phone you have to perform the following steps: 1. Disconnect USB … Continue reading

Ls675 unlocked and repaires network no internet.

i unlock a Ls675 previous flash .oct and then repair network.Phone etake my apn but dont get internet.Say 3g and apn its active but cant go to internet.Dont have logs.

meizu m3 brick

meizu m3 unbrick I need stock firmware thanks

how to connect mi note lte

i cant get him to connect or read info. when press volume up and down then insert usb it goes to recovery mode. thanks


Hi I am trying to modify the serial number on a TOSHIBA nand, model THGBX4G8D4LLDYC from an IPAD 4 MINI 32Gb, but the IP-BOX v2 directly does not recognize this nand with the message "Unrecognized Nand-Flash…". I also do not see any boot1 files for this nand, so I deduce that it is simply not … Continue reading

SAMSUNG SM-J510MN unlock

Hello, I need to unlock, this model, SM-j510mn, how do I get the msl code? Thank you.:confused:


Hello i did an order to unlock carrier orange but i got this problem NOT FOUND it is clean and orange what should do now !