A846L (aka OneTouch-Pop-Icon-LTE2) Dead Pls Help

This has to be the longest phone name in history! I have stressed over this phone and even emailed Alcatel Support and have not heard anything back in 2 weeks. Been pulling my hair out for a month. This phone just mysteriously died as seems to be the norm for Alcatel Androids, after hours of internet research. I would appreciate any help with this.

My last Hope was to Use the One Touch Upgrade, but I cannot find the matching model #!!! This was what I emailed support about.
After hours of googling, think its a 6030 or a 70xx, but do not want to select the wrong one and make it worse? From pdadbnet I found it might be a Pop(4 or 4(5))? I am suspect of Sugar Tools suggestion even working as I thought it was a just a MTK tool. I have even tried QPST and QFIL, even RSDLite (and tried the MTK option there too) just to see if it could be identified. No luck with anything.
I have tried the usual methods of Vol+ &or – and Power, nothing works. I even tried a suggestion from YouTube and removed the battery and tried again. I even unhooked and re-hooked the ribbons. I have had to try removing the battery so many times (really odd a JST Connector?), I have perma-modded my case. I was getting tired of taking12 screws out! I even tried hooking it up to computer overnight (supposedly to run battery dead) and try again. Its just dead! It makes no sound or noise and nothing happens when hooking it up to computer. The manual/PDF is useless! It cannot be found on Alcatel’s site as I told them there was a link, but a blank page. The best I can find is TracFone help & manual and the FCC site. I asked Alcatel if they could even tell me if that is the correct software for the phone .

The only Odd thing I have found is 2 things (Highly Suspect its a "POST/Diag").
On first plug to power White LED Lights 3Sec then Flashes 1x/sec.
I tried a "Battery Calibration Tip" Holding +-&power LED on for 15sec then off every 4 seconds.
Holding just power continuous LED Blinks off every 2-3seconds.

* The really odd thing is when I try a FastBoot Cable: It doesn’t show in computer or do anything for about 5minutes, then all of the sudden the Torch/Flash turns on and stays until unplugged! My experience tells me its soft-bricked, but how I will never know! It was in my pocket when it died.

It was a great phone for the price, while it lasted. I never looked at Alcatel SmartPhones, because they historically use MTK, RK (Off brands). When I saw a SnapDragon, I said well well now thats different IMO.

This is a StraightTalk Branded Phone Stock not even rooted yet!
Here is what is on the Sticker Covering battery:
A846L TracFone Wireless TCT Mobile LTD FCCID:RAD528
meid:Numbers Valid A846L-2AKFUS3-R
imei:Numbers Valid