About the iphone 5 cold knowledge! I believe you do not know?

   iphone hi everyone, as a subject of smart phones, we believe that the vast majority of users use it all the time! So for us this close contact smart phones, do you really understand it? The following well-known mobile phone parts(Click! understand more!) online store -YDTparts official website for everyone to count on iphone 6 cold knowledge, I believe you have not heard of!

  1, Apple boot interface is not uniform, when the hands of the Apple iPhone is a black panel, boot interface screen is black white apple; when Apple iPhone is in the hands of a white panel, a black screen is white apple.

  2, the Japanese version, the Korean version of Apple’s mobile phone camera time can not be muted. This is because Japan and South Korea all special requests can not mute the phone’s camera, in order to prevent videotaping. If you insist on the need to mute the Apple iPhone jailbreak.

  3, Apple’s iPhone camera when the flash and HDR can not be open simultaneously. Of course, this point in other systems, too, because the HDR (high dynamic range) is turned on, the phone will automatically recognize the current ambient light, automatic brightness strengthened after imaging. If you forced on the flash, but will affect the photo, so the HDR mode, the default is not open flash.

  4, Apple iPhone comes with messaging features, there will be two minutes destroyed automatically accept or video information transmitted, of course, also be set to permanent deletion.

  5. If you want to know what to buy Apple iPhone models, you can brush through iTunes, after iTunes brush machine models show what is necessarily what models.