Activate Infinity Product with GBKEY MODULES

Hi @ll,

to responde to many request and questions of users, this post is written to explain how and what you can activate.

Any user with any Infinity product can activate GBKEY Modules instantly.

-You can activate your Infinity with ONLY GBKEY MultiPlatform Module
-You can activate your infinity with ONLY HUAWEI Module.
-You can activate your infinity with Both HUAWEI and Multi-Platform Modules.

if You have already 1 module activated, you can also activate rest of Modules in future when needed, with Infinity or directly from GBKEY SoftWare.

Please refer to Infinity Pricing :

Infinity-Box – Products and Services

All deales and activations are done by INFINITY TEAM. this post is just for Inform. So please do not request us to do activation.

Deal Directly with INFINITY Team

Some Info about Latest Update and what do Huawei Module support :…nside-2139999/

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