again HTC Sensation 4g S-OFF and Sim-unlock

Have a phone[SPOILER="info"]Reading information…
Using Fastboot mode…
Reading common information
(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.27.0000
(bootloader) version-baseband: 11.23.3504.07_M2
(bootloader) version-cpld: None
(bootloader) version-microp: None
(bootloader) version-main: 3.32.531.14
(bootloader) serialno: HT268T500108
(bootloader) imei: 355********1859
(bootloader) product: pyramid
(bootloader) platform: HBOOT-8260
(bootloader) modelid: PG5810000
(bootloader) cidnum: T-MOB010
(bootloader) battery-status: good
(bootloader) battery-voltage: 4014mV
(bootloader) partition-layout: Generic
(bootloader) security: on
(bootloader) build-mode: SHIP
(bootloader) boot-mode: FASTBOOT
(bootloader) commitno-bootloader: 617f0a98
(bootloader) hbootpreupdate: 11
(bootloader) gencheckpt: 0
all: Done!
finished. total time: 0.484s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.891s
Reading secure flag information

(bootloader) secure_flag: 3
OKAY [ -0.000s]
finished. total time: -0.000s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.406s
Reading CID information

(bootloader) cid: T-MOB010
OKAY [ -0.000s]
finished. total time: -0.000s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.406s
Reading MEID information

(bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!
OKAY [ -0.000s]
finished. total time: -0.000s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.406s
Read information completed.
Have read a guide many times[SPOILER="GUIDE: Legacy phones (ace,buzz,vision,icon,legend,saga,bliss,chacha,run nym.,kingdom)"]Dear customers,

With the release of XTC2Clip Tool version 1.04 you have an option for convenient service of "legacy" phones, which includes:

– Desire HD [ace]
– Wildfire [buzz]
– Desize Z (G2/A7272) [vision]
– Salsa [icon_g]
– Legend A6363 [legend]
– Desire S [saga]
– Rhyme [bliss]
– ChaCha [chacha]
– Sensation XL [runnymede]
– EVO Design 4G [kingdom]
… and other legacy HTC phones.

In order to perform the desired action, you have to follow this instructions:

As on all HTC phones, there are 2 operation modes:

* Offline mode: CID, lock, unlock
* Direct mode: S-OFF, CID, IMEI, unlock

1. No matter what mode are you going to use, you must carefully EJECT the smartcard from the XTC2Clip and put it into your phone as a SIM CARD.
2. Offline mode:
– Put necessary files (CID and/or unlock config.dat) on the CLIP and connect it to your phone
– Go to fastboot->Simlock and perform operation as usual.

2. Direct mode:
– Connect phone in fastboot mode
– Go to legacy tab in XTC 2 Clip Tool
– Press "Step 2: Switch to modem mode", this will switch your phone into special modem mode.
– Install drivers, if necessary. ( Get drivers HERE: )
– Press "Refresh" and select appropriate COM port (there usually will be only one).
– Press "Step 3: Connect"
– The software will read information from the phone, and you can continue to perform the desired operations.[/SPOILER]
SMART-card Inserted in SIM-slot
Direct mode: WILL NOT SWITCH FROM fastboot TO modem MODE. fastboot HANGS, phone HANGS too. When reconnect phone – nothing happens: PC will not detect any devices (it says USB Device Not Recognized)
[SPOILER="log"]Trying to swtich into modem mode …
Sending oem rtask c

(bootloader) partition sector offset = 131073, size = 81920
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.mdt done, size = 7012 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x9022D000 ,size:7012
(bootloader) read 7012 bytes, file size = 7012 bytes
(bootloader) segment number: 10
(bootloader) program header offset: 52
(bootloader) hash header is existed
(bootloader) segment addr 0x4553E000, size 0x19F0, memory size 0x2000
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b01 done, size = 6640 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x9022F000 ,size:6640
(bootloader) read 6640 bytes, file size = 6640 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x42F00000, size 0x1DAEC, memory size 0x22548
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b02 done, size = 121580 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x90247000 ,size:121580
(bootloader) read 121580 bytes, file size = 121580 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x42F24000, size 0x6000, memory size 0x6000
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b03 done, size = 24576 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x9022F000 ,size:24576
(bootloader) read 24576 bytes, file size = 24576 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x43030000, size 0x14C53, memory size 0x14C53
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b04 done, size = 85075 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x90247000 ,size:85075
(bootloader) read 85075 bytes, file size = 85075 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x43050000, size 0x188, memory size 0x13004
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b05 done, size = 392 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x9022F000 ,size:392
(bootloader) read 392 bytes, file size = 392 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x43064000, size 0x104B000, memory size 0x104B0
(bootloader) 00
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b06 done, size = 17084416 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x90247000 ,size:17084416
(bootloader) read 17084416 bytes, file size = 17084416 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x440AF000, size 0x8FFE8, memory size 0x1361000
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b07 done, size = 589800 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x90247000 ,size:589800
(bootloader) read 589800 bytes, file size = 589800 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x45410000, size 0xC, memory size 0x106000
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b08 done, size = 12 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x9022F000 ,size:12
(bootloader) read 12 bytes, file size = 12 bytes
(bootloader) segment addr 0x45530000, size 0xE000, memory size 0xE000
(bootloader) fat_open_file modem.b09 done, size = 57344 bytes
(bootloader) buf:0x90247000 ,size:57344
(bootloader) read 57344 bytes, file size = 57344 bytes
(bootloader) start running address = 0x42F00000
(bootloader) SMEM_STRUCT addr = 0x400F0000
(bootloader) reset_modem start
(bootloader) reset_modem end
(bootloader) reset modem is completed

What’s wrong with it? Seems like I am doing all right.