AIRTEL-K306+ unlock ok but freeze!

Hello, I have flashed AIRTEL-K306+ with "AIRTEL_AO2_EN_FR_PT-2PATCHED_HW1 & AIRTEL_AO2_EN_FR_PT-2PATCHED_HW2" the phone unlocked ok but Keys dosn’t function any more & its touch keeps on dosn’t go off, i flashed back the Dump file it worked fine with security locked "MEMORY_DUMP_AIRTEL A02_000000-00-000000-0_868555-02-296146-4_65310001"

Backup file for AIRTEL-K306+ MEMORY_DUMP_AIRTEL A02_000000-00-000000-0_868555-02-296146-4_65310001 – Download – 4shared