Alcatel 2012G Problem After OTZFlasher Unlock

Using library Brom_DLL_v5.1316.1
Searching phone;
(for some models keep SPACE or * (STAR) key pressed before inserting the cable)
Phone detected (USB Modem Driver (COM36))
Preparing to start meta mode;
Requesting authorization;
Meta mode entered;
Baseband Chip: MT6260
Sw version: MAUI.11B.W13.08.MP.V4.F46
Hw Version: JRDHZ60A_11B_HW
Reading phone info;
IMEI: ******-**-******-8
Reading security;
Writing security;
Phone unlocked; Remove battery and cable;

Time needed – 00:00:12

I unlocked an Alcatel 2012G locked on Vodafone Portugal with OTZFlasher and now when I start the phone with any sim Card the phone keep looping on the vodafone logo and doesn’t start but without the sim Card the phone start’s with no problem.
I looked for the Vodafone Portugal Flash on support but can’t find it, only TMN Portugal Flash.
What Can I do to fix it?????: