Alcatel 5038A Format to Merapi Tool, Now Dead Please help me volcano Team!!

The problems before was hang on Logo Only, so I decided to READ/Backup first before doing anything for safe. But now Even I write the back up before the phone is completely write the firmware, but still dead.
So please help me volcano team. I also flash it to five different firmwares but still dead even if complete flash.
Also try to use 3rd parties free software like Flashtools ( format and download, or download) also no luck.
Also try to use ALCATEL MOBILE UPGRADE but only stop on Scanning.

The condition of phone now is dead only white light appear on right side of speaker/buzzer when I put a usb charger.The switch is OK. BEFORE ( This photos is credited to the uploader, I no camera to upload the acual unit, but same as photos the condition before)
now totally DEAD!!!

merapi v1.3.8 to v1.4.5 same result.