Alcatel One touch X’pop 5035D Hard Bricked

Hello ,

Yesterday I tried to flash my Alcatel One touch X’pop 5035D using this tips

"Currently there are 3 custom recovery’s available (CWM/TWRP/COT), the installation of the recovery’s are all the same.

Download and extract the above files (MTK droid Root & Tools & SP FlashTool)
Choose your preffered custom recovery
Put this folder in the MtkDroidTools\backups.
Start the Flash tool
Press the button at the right called "Scatter-Loading"
Go to that folder and look for the file called "MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc" And press open.
You will be returned to the Flash program, you might wanna extend the size of the application so you can see all the files that are loaded.(like Preloader/DSP_BL/MBR up till ANDROID)
Now uncheck all those boxes, so dont forget the ANDROID one.
Check Recovery and click on recovery, it should open another windows where you have to choose your recovery. Now pick the recovery you have chosen to use..
Once you done that, go do download and press yes on the upcoming error. Shut your phone off and connect your phone with USB to the phone. Now it should turn red to yellow and should copy the recovery to the phone. At the end you should see a green ring. (you might need to put out the battery and back in again to let it be recongized)
Press power and the volume button (+) to get in to the custom recovery.
Once succeeded use the volume buttons to navigate to the option reboot and press the power button. This should restart your phone and eventually you will be returned to Android"

I do it carefully but when I finished it , my phone opened once time and still turned of until now , and after that did not recognize it Laptop using USB cable "its means my phone was bricked a hard bricked , any help please ? I tried a many ways but nothing helps

I used this recovery
"Clockworkmod!TZxFTSKA!UsJc8CY9i3sI0T6iE-a3hQ "

and tools in this links

MTK droid Root & Tools

SP FlashTool

P.S : Sorry about my bad language ^^