All merapi user are all tired. ???

I know all us has happy when merapi tool is arrived

all hope and joy is on us

we all know merapi mtk is good enough

but spd and other update is big mistakes

volcano team is promise to us we wait for update

to spd new cpu type but the promise is

always promise in we are always waiting

now may sentiment is they promise is in volcano 3.0 aka inferno

they say all merapi users is free in new volcano 3.0

in they say in of month of may wa can use new inferno

but the promise is a promise again because they failed to released

our point here volcano team is you promise to us

all day long all night long time to time we are checked for the

update. Now were is your promise ?????

Like this blaaa blaaa blaaa and wait for merapi user the update is for our beloved inferno dongle user where is the justice ?????????

Dont promise if you can do your promise

we are tired and we dont care your alibi