All unlock gsm fraud

Today am speaking with clarity to educate members
On this forum that’s not as advance as I am so they don’t
Make the same mistakes I have All unlock
Gsm is a fraud "do not get trick" they will take your money
In regards to iCloud and will not deliver they say they can get
The job done in 1 to 3 days even if you have them 365 days it
Won’t happen they are crooks have spoken on the matter before
And I wonder why the admin of gsm
Forum fail to remove them from this server honest and hard working
Members who operate a Buisness try to deliver and because of them
It makes our Buisness bad and has done great damages to
Our reputation they don’t care they are taking money and making false
Add on what they cannot do and it’s time for us to take a stand have seen many
Members posting the same issues and still there on gsm forum the big
Question is why