ANDROID UFST V1048 Released…_UFS_1048.htmlv
Pixi3, Pop C5.
LAF (TOT) Flashing and Read Enabled for Nexus 5, Nexus 5x
LAF [Make TOT File] Option in [Read Flash] Added.
Improved LAF Flashing Procedure.
More LG Models Added:
F620K, F620L, F620S, F700K, F700L, F700S,
H520G, H520Y, H636, H790, H791, H791F, H798,
H820PR, H830, H831, H850, H850TR, H860, H860N, H868,
K350, K350AR, K350DS, K350E, K350F, K350H, K350N, K350TR, K350Y,
K420N, K520,
LGV31, LS770, LS992, US992, VS987
A47, A63, A74, A76, A77, A79, A82, A93, A96, A99, A068, A069, A082, A089,
A093, A096, A102, A104, A106, A107, A108, A109, A110Q, A114, A116, A116i,
A117, A119, A120, A177, A200, A210, A240, A250, AQ5000, AQ5001,
D303, D304, D305, D320, D321,
Q340, Q345, Q348, Q355, Q371, Q372, Q375, Q380, Q391, Q394
[Read Flash], [Write Flash] is Enabled.
Tested on: MT6572, MT6582, MT6583, MT6589.
Read, Sparse Read, Make & Edit Scatter, Repair PMT, Format, Flash, Dead Flash …
More MTK SoC’s comming soon.
G900T3, N910T3 – Corrected FRP Reset Settings.
Fixed LCD Progress Bar for Devices with > 4GB Flashing Size.
More Samsung Models Added:
J100VPP, J111F-DS, J120FN, J120W, J120ZN, J320A, J320N0, J320R4, J320ZN,
J510F, J510F-DS, J510FN-DS, J510GN, J510K, J510L, J510MN, J510MN-DS, J510S,
J510UN, J700T, J7109, J710F, J710F-DS, J710FN, J710FN-DS, J710GN, J710K,
J710MN, SCV32, SCV33, T116IR, T237, T280Q, T287, T536, T580, T585, T713,
T719, T719Y, T813, T819, T819Y
More Sony Models Added:
E5303, E5306, E5333, E5343, E5353, E5363 (Xperia C4 Cosmos)
E5506, E5533, E5553, E5563 (Xperia C5 Ultra Lavender)
E5603, E5606, E5633, E5643, E5653, E5663 (Xperia M5 Holly)
F5121, F5122 (Xperia X Suzu)