Archos 50 neon

Hi all!I have an Archos 50 NEON, it suddently stopped working while i was watching a video, and was stuck at the Archos logo. Rebooting did nothing, i have to remove the battery to shut it down. I rebooted while holding the Volume UP key, and a page full of chinese characters appeared and some saying "MMI Test: Failed PCBA Test: Failed". Holding the Volume DOWN key booted in the System Recovery mode, if i did nothing it would shut down and reboot in a few seconds, but almost the same happened for the other options… I tried multiple times doing a Backup of the data, with the only result being the phone rebooting in the middle of the process, so i tried the Factory restore option, after a few times in which the phone, again, would reboot in the middle of the process, it finally displayed "wipe complete" but after this, the problem was still there. I couldn’t use ADB from the computer because it kept on rebooting, so the computer wouldn’t recognize it, the only other viable option from that menu was a system update. I downloaded the official update from the Archos website, i put it on the SD card and choose the option "Apply update from external sdcard" from the system recovery menu, it started the process, but again, it shut down in the middle of the process, tried over and over, and now from the menu ( Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet ) i can only choose the option "Reboot" or "Apply update from external sdcard". I don’t know what to do now, any idea?