Are dating apps redefining relationships?

Dating apps are a unique techno sexual path of resolution’s isolation from your life. Not just connections, relationships are built within these apps. How do these apps function? Is it all matching and fixing or is there more to it? Dating apps, though recent are trending as well as blending in faster than we see it. About 91 million worldwide users are on dating apps already, many more to come.
The psychology behind dating apps..
One may think dating apps are resolving the conflict of being alone and unable to find a match within their social circles. Is that the case? Not really. Dating apps use behavioral studies to incorporate match making based on interests driving different individuals. Also, these apps are gamified. Just like Candy crush, dating apps apply a game-like user experience which results in time devotion towards such apps, be it for a serious thing or just some casual connect. Marketers apply similar psychology to inculcate addiction within people with features like swipe and pick in Passfeed. Not just gamification, dating apps are also thriving via creating a shopping mentality within people. Last night my friend was scrolling through profiles, selecting a few and rejecting a few as if these profiles went into her shopping cart. Our dating apps are no less than a vendor offering what might be available in the market along with our discretion to choose as per our choice. The gamification and convenience caused by playing with psychology has delivered millions of users for dating apps in no time. Passfeed, for example the most famous dating app had about 50 million average monthly users in 2014.