asansam died


About hua sam tools and RELEASE DATE

Hello to all AsanSam users
I feel extremely sorry for those criticizing us with inappropriate words, those trying to devalue our works as i saw at this site that some products have not released any updates in 2 years or they release updates annually and you all users have not asked them why and you never criticize them but you said inappropriate words and criticisms only for a few days delay in releasing the update that was only for increasing the quality and safty with more tests and analyses.
Any way
the brand new version of the AsanSam which is going to be released by HUA BOX team, will be presented and you can use it, old versions are not supported anymore and even new support(exe)of the Asan Sam will be called Hua sam and the Hua box team will be in charge, the name of the application will be changed as well.
Wishing you all users success


so asansam died, đem con bỏ chợ nửa rồi , new teams too weak asansam died 2 years