B2710 unlock done by Z3X pro

USB mode :
1. Power on phone.
2. Type *#197328640# -> common -> usb config -> Samsung mode
3. Connect phone to PC, install drivers if needed.
4. Press ‘Unlock’ button for direct unlock or ‘Read codes’ to read security codes.
Or you can ‘Read User Lock’ or ‘Reset User Lock’.

Operation: Unlock
Selected model: GT-B2710
Software version: 23.4.1

Searching Samsung modem… detected COM125
Reading phone info…
Model: GT-B2710
Country code: ¿µ±¹
Cal date: 2010-11-08
Factory SW: B2710BVJK1_ORAJK
Unique number: 60440001712024
Memory phone: K5W2G1HACH(B2710)S
Reading sysinfo… OK
Searching local files… error (files corrupted)
Switching to remote unlock
Searching server… OK
Writing sysinfo… OK
Reseting… OK
Unlock done

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.23.4.1