Beaware and

Name: Ali
From: Dubai
WhatsApp: 00971528433808


Web: and inspireunlock

I advertised in some WhatsApp groups about a service where I provided a parellel service to Worldwide service in which when the IMEIs are unlocked, those IMEIs will never get relocked and they are permanent. By reading this advertisement, this cheater contacted me and said, he has huge bulk of IMEIs to get unlocked. So, I offered him my service on credit basis (UNLOCK FIRST AND PAY LATER). I offered him a price of 25$ (bulk price) and time is 1-5 days. He agreed and sent me the list which contained his IMEIs.

I started processing his IMEIs and some were unlocked with 100% relock with lifetime warranty. Then I contacted him after 3 days to say his IMEIs were unlocked. He said, he used another source to unlock them.

These are the IMEIs I unlocked.

IMEI : 013987006724234
IMEI : 013989003388880
IMEI : 013987006775962
IMEI : 013972006639996
IMEI : 013972006460146
IMEI : 013972006625433
IMEI : 013972006466911
IMEI : 013972006479310

A huge amount of IMEIs are in process. I will post them here once the results are out.

He is a nasty cheater. Do not deal with him. See his conversations and agreement via WhatsApp and email.

Admin, please block this guy.