Beeline SMART5 Direct Unlock Suported ! Pack 6 !

MtkReader select beeline smart3 thats all 🙂

Searching phone;
Phone detected (PreLoader USB VCOM Port)
Preparing to start meta mode;
Searching for debug port; (be sure drivers from support were installed)
Debug Port found on Gadget CDC VCOM Driver (COM72);
Preparing to connect meta mode;
Meta mode entered;
Baseband Chip: MT6572, E01
Sw version: MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V5
Hw Version: SANSEN6572_WE_L_HSPA_HW
Reading phone info;
IMEI: 354588-07-0*******
Reading simlock info;

Locked to: 250-99
code_cat_n: 12345678 enabled: yes tries: 99
code_cat_ns: 56781234 enabled: no tries: 100
code_cat_sp: 11112222 enabled: no tries: 100
code_cat_c: 33334444 enabled: no tries: 100
code_cat_sim: 55556666 enabled: no tries: 100
code_cat_ns_sp: 77778888 enabled: no tries: 100
code_cat_sim_c: 99990000 enabled: no tries: 100

Time needed – 00:01:08

Log file saved to: LOG_13_05_2016_18_20_21.txt