big problem ls980 unlocking not why

Checking data…OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM22
Selected model: LS980
Reading info…
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Jul 26 2013
Firmware compiled time: 23:00:00
Firmware released date: Nov 26 2013
Firmware released time: 11:04:30
SW Version: M8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0.190034
IMEI: 354198-06-288340-4
SPC: 000000
MEID: 35030526000000
Mobile ESN: 808D1BB1
NAM Name: Sprint
MDN: 000-000-8784
User Lock Code: 8784
SID/NID: 4139 / 65535
MCC: 310
MNC: 00
MIN1: 0008784
MIN2: 000
Initializing ADB…OK
Waiting for phone…
Please, reconnect phone, enable USB debugging, and try again.
To enable USB debugging, please perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect cable
2. Install LG Android ADB drivers
3. Go to "Settings" -> "About phone" -> "Software information"
4. Click on Build number 5 times
5. Enable "Settings" -> "Developer options" -> "USB debugging" option
6. Connect the cable and check, whether ADB interface has appeared in PC Device Manager.
Performed by 2.4.0 software version.