Blackberry Q20 Unlock Assistance – Chimera Connection Issue


I am sure there is an easy explanation for this however having searched forums for a while I do not seem to beable to source the answer to this one!

I purchased Chimera’s blackberry license with the sole purpose of unlocking my classic (Q20) for info the phone is the SQC100-1 model. I had tried to unlock using several sites and was told the unlock code was not available as yet…. From previous work with android handsets I believe that flashing GSM software will remove the network lock (or it used to at least!)

When I run Chimera it tries to connect to the handset (askes to remove battery and restart which is not possible on this handset), it restarts and then tries to connect.

Upon reconnecting I get a screen come up with a prompt of "provide unlock password"….. obviously currently this is something I do not have! If I cancel out of the prompt it shows the phone as an "unknown blackberry". From here there are 2 options either "nuke phone" or "provide passwork". If go for provide password a script runs in the background and the main screen of Chimera returns "could not open channel". I don’t want to "nuke phone" as this does not sound like a good or safe option…..

Apologies for what I am sure is just noobie ignorance however any information on this gratefully recieved!!

Thank you….