bootloop ,No Download Mode, No recovery mode

Sprint HTC M9
Unlocked bootloader
TWRP recovery
Stock Rom 5.1
Battery goes to 0% & when try charge it only boot loop, can not start it normally (boot loop), Can boot to bootloader mode only & (fastboot oem rebootRUU), no recovery mode, no download mode, what i tried :
– RUU from PC fail minimum battery charge required for RUU is 30% & i can not charge it
– flashing firmware from oem rebootRUU mode fail.
– when i press reboot to download mode i got white screen say "failed to boot to download mode" & second line "press volume up or down to back to menu", please help me to s-off or flash RUU, i updated my xtc2clip client to 1.16 but i can not do any thing.
help please?
– 🙁