BROM Error Lenovo S820

Hi, please i need help. a month ago my lenovo s820 stuck at boot loop so i flash a new rom (i kinda forgot what kind of rom) and after that it works fine. but after a month it stuck at boot loop again. i try to flash it with Lenovo_S820_S223_ROW_150119 and got BROM ERROR: S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE(0x13CD). so i ran memory test and everything is fine. so i thought maybe i need another rom. after that, i try S820_ROW_S221_140730 4gb and got brom error s_ft_enable_dram_fail (4032) and i have try several rom and still got brom error. and my phone now cant turn on even if i charge but sp flash can still detect.

Please help. thank you