C3752 pb

I received one C3752 showing only C3752…
I flashed it First with C3752XXLJ1_OXELJ1 and it becomes blinking!!!
So i reflashed it with C3752DDKG1_OWNKF1 and then it wont power 😡
i tryed with C3752XXKE1_OXEKDA and C3752XEKE2 but without success !!!
this is the log for the last try :
Operation: Flash
Selected model: GT-C3752
Selected port: Auto, 921600
Software version: 23.9

Waiting phone… OK
Sending preloader… OK
Sending loader… OK
Checking Flash ID… OK
Detected Flash ID: 003000EC
Sending PSI (psi.fls)… OK
Sending BIN/BSY (CATFISH.fls)… OK
Sending BIN/BSY (CATFISH.fls)… OK
Sending CDS (CATFISH.fls)… OK
Sending CSC (temp_GT-C3752_OXE.dffs)… OK
Sending SLB (slb.fls)… OK
Flashing done (time – 00:03:11)

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.23.9Please help me urgently