can´t write cert file for sm-g900h

Plataforma: Samsung Android
Puerto seleccionado: COM3
Modelo seleccionado: SM-G900H
Selected file: C:\Documents and Settings\MAIN\Mis documentos
Modelo del teléfono detectado: SM-G900H
Fecha de creación del firmware: Wed Jun 15 03:22:27 KST 2016
PDA version: G900HXXU1CPF4
CSC version: G900HUUB1CPF1
Versión del SW: G900HXXU1CPD1
Phone SN: R21F5367YFT
Android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29K)
Sales code: ARO
Country: Argentina
HW platform: exynos5
HW Chip: exynos5422
HW Modem: XMM6360
Codename: k3gxx
Checking Root:
Phone is Rooted….
Certificate file successfully checked
Writing Certificate…
Executing exploit…
Writing Certificate failed
Performed by 2.3.3 software version

i fllowing this instruction

i use tape in battery

it is not possible use reset msl and there is not so much to do just write cert