Certs Exchange S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, Edge plus, Any samsung


I have the following models for exchange. The certificate files i have some are and some might not be blacklisted in any country. Here is a list.

1. S6 / S6 edge – 600 certs
2. Edge Plus – 100 certs
3. Note 5 – 100 certs
4. S5 – 500 certs
5. Note 4 – 250 certs

For all the clever people on this section – I will not trade a Note 4 cert for a S6 cert.. please dont embarrass yourself by asking for such trade. Trade should be for equal Value.

You get the idea that i have certs to exchange.. let me know if anyone wants to do REAL EXCHANGE.

Note – This is only for EXCHANGE (minimum quantity – 25), Please I HUNBLY Request DONT ASK ME for FREE certs.. I will not Respond. Dont ask me How to do remote Repairs. Do not ask for Sboots or anything else.