China Open Distribution J86m Unlocked Policy ??

Hello all Apple fans and experts
I have an iPhone 5S that was blacklisted in O2 UK and uploaded to unlock with Worldwide option in one server. After unlocking I am unable to activate the iPhone anymore and the problem is not relying on my computers or cables or anything else, just this policy is problematic to activate.
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: China Open Distribution J86m Unlocked Policy
I flashed iPhone over and over with latest 9.2.1 version but the same problem

Can somebody shed any light on this problem?
Because the other iPhones that I did unlocked with another server (which seems was a pro in GSX and WW unlock) had next tether policy Multimode unlock and I never in my life since I unlock iPhones from year 2008 and onwards have had this issue before.

Check screenshots