confuse HTC bst dongle

Scanning devices … 1 found
dev[1] HC47FWS00069
Mode: fastboot
Hardware: a3_tl
Manufactory: HTC
MID: 0P9O50000

Device Info
Security status: S-OFF
Model Id: 0P9O50000
Custom Id: HTCCN704
Serial number: HC47FWS00069
Product: a3_tl
IMEI: 352708061014371
Platform: hTCBmsm8226
Bootloader ver:
Baseband ver: 1.101.1161.16.24
Cpld verersion: None
Microp version: None
Main version: 1.17.1400.6
Battery Status: good
Battery Volt: 0mV
PartitionLayout: Generic
Commitno bl: 5a8e8b30
Hbootpreupdate: 11
Get device information done , time used 0.14s
Time used : 0.2 s

the problem with this mobile is that when i on it it will be on after 20 sec it will power off no htc logo

now my question is that is that mobile flash with this dongle and anther is that which ver flash file i will be download from bst dongle center