d380 imei repair done

Check Android Lollipop…
Stage #1 OK
Mode: Normal
Build version: Apr 26 201412:54:49Mar 25 201400:00:00WX_PROJE
SW Version: M8610B-AAAANAZM-1.0.6046
IMEI: 00000000000000-0
IMEI2: 00000000000000-0
BlueTooth Address: 00:00:01:02:26:00
Phone Code: default
SPC: 000000
Elapsed: 0 secs. –> (v8.8)

Repair IMEI…
Working with security zone
Checking phone at COM55
Reboot phone
Phone detected!
Repair IMEI…
Search LG Modem port…
Detected LG Modem port at COM56
Reboot phone
Elapsed: 59 secs. –> (v8.8)

very fast..

1. please active usb debug
2.select LG d380 comport on z3x GUI
3.seletc imei repair
4.on new windows please select first option
5.lets LG d380 restart (dont move usb cable) then it will restart again .. and done…

no need root / uart cable ..