Damaged Baseband G925i/f


I have a bunch of Galaxy S6 Edge, models G925I/F.

I have a lot of experience unlocking/repairing these phones. I have been on this board actively for years and do this all day/every day.

This batch, no matter what I do, IMEI 350000000006 or blank. I can write cert, wipe MSL/wipe EFS, etc.. and it does so successfully. Works just like normal (with PGx/PHx). I have all of these boxes and know how to use them but this batch Nothing.

Is it possible that maybe they all really just have damaged modem/baseband IC’s on them? These will connect with network if you dial emergency 911 so it isn’t like the demo models (G920X, 925X, etc..)

Lost and confused :D. Will post logs momentarily