Dany Genius G2 tablet white and black screen after flashing firmware


I recently bought a Chinese tablet Dany Genius Tab G2 and as with all such tablets, it came with its own share of problems, the biggest being that the tablet couldn’t even handle the most basic apps ( such as play store and settings) without those apps crashing and constantly restarting the tablet itself.

The tablet had android OS 4.04 installed and was rooted out of the box. Also, it had no IMEI.

Since I am a newbie with all things android related, and after consistent Google search, I came to the conclusion that the installed firmware was one of the reasons for the tablet’s poor performance and that flashing a stock firmware would solve the performance issues.

The Danny Genius tab G2 has the following hardware specifications as displayed on its motherboard:
CPU: ALLwinner a12
Board ID : S205_MB V1.1

Since there is no official firmware for the dany tab available online, the only other relevant stock firmware that i could find was that of the micromax funbook p360, since this tablet has the same board id s205 MB v1.1 as that of the dany tab.

Thus, I went ahead and downloaded the p360 stock firmware and the flashed my dany tab with a stock micromax p360 firmware using Livesuit v 1.1 via full flash format.

Now the problem is that upon turning on the tablet, there is a white display which then slowly fades to black. Upon pressing the home button, the same thing happens; white display which then slowly fades to a blank screen.

The tablet does charge when connected via usb to a laptop and livesuit still recognizes it when I try to connect it by holding the home button while the tablet is turned off ( which is the standard livesuit procedure).

Windows displays it as a portable device in device manager when the tab is connected while turned on.

Now since I have limited experience when it comes to android firmware, could someone please guide me as to:

1) What am I doing wrong here? Since both the devices have the same board id, they should technically support the same firmware.

2) Has the device been damaged or is it simply a soft brick and can it be repaired by flashing the correct firmware? If so can someone please provide me with the correct firmware based on the the cpu and board id.

Any input on this problem would be highly appreciated.