dead 9300 after flashing

My device is dead after flashing
i tried to restore the backup and its done but the phone still dead
when i restore the backup without USERDATA its on with black screen only

Connected to Phone.
CPU: MT6575 SW: E201 Ver: CB00
Downloading Boot8 …
Nand Flash Type: [SAMSUNG] K9K4G16
Nand Flash Code: 00EC00BC(00000055)
Nand Flash Size: 0x20000000 Hex Bytes
INT/EXT RAM Size: 0x20000/0x10000000
Reading Size: 0x21000000
Reading infr(Nand)…
PRELOADER BaseAddr:0x0 Size:0x40000
DSP_BL BaseAddr:0x40000 Size:0xC0000
__NODL_NVRAM BaseAddr:0x100000 Size:0x300000
__NODL_SECCFG BaseAddr:0x400000 Size:0x20000
UBOOT BaseAddr:0x420000 Size:0x60000
BOOTIMG BaseAddr:0x480000 Size:0x500000
RECOVERY BaseAddr:0x980000 Size:0x500000
SEC_RO BaseAddr:0xE80000 Size:0x120000
__NODL_MISC BaseAddr:0xFA0000 Size:0x60000
LOGO BaseAddr:0x1000000 Size:0x300000
__NODL_EXPDB BaseAddr:0x1300000 Size:0xA0000
ANDROID BaseAddr:0x13A0000 Size:0x10E00000
__NODL_CACHE BaseAddr:0x121A0000 Size:0x4600000
USRDATA BaseAddr:0x167A0000 Size:0x8E20000
__NODL_BMTPOOL BaseAddr:0xFFFF0050 Size:0x0

please help !