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1. LG NCK only, LG All Levels Instant, LG Not Found Instant
2. ZTE Instant 5-30 minutes
3. SAMSUNG Canada Any Model Any Carrier
4. iPhone Worldwide 3 months and 1 month Relock warranty
5. Dell 35xx IMEI Instant
6. Chile Entel iPhone premium
7. Korea kt/sk iPhone, APAC iPhone
8. EMEA iPhone 100% Instant – 24hrs
9. Canada Telus iPhone Clean 1-3 days, Bell iPhone Clean Same Day, Bell NCK
10. AT&T iPhone 100% 1-7 days, Generic premium 1-24hrs
11. AT&T SAMSUNG 24Hrs
12. GSX 24hrs 0.8$ , iPhone Clean checker, iCloud Clean checker
13. Sweden Three & Telia Direct
14. Orange France iPhone Clean & Not Found
15. Telstra and Optus Australia iPhone Barred, Telstra NCK

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