Good Morning!
bought the ufs turbo white box in Boxcell Brazil with Mr. Welson and the box did not come with IToken.
I’m paying for the white product with IToken UFS TMB and I am getting a white box with hardware TMA PCB and now I have to pay $ 45 to get support.
The product came without IToken and cables came all black, UFS site observed that are new and the cables are white and orange, and that’s not what happened.
We discovered through GSMHOSTING the words of ODIA (SARAS MANAGER) that we are being deceived because GsmServer is putting hawdware of TMA in the TMB box.
Paid for BMR and get the TMA, this is a desrrespeito to its customers.
The situation is complicated because we have confidence in gsmhosting and we expect a transparent attitude in the negotiations and hope for positive responses about this situation !!!!!!!!