Do Not Compare Any Tool With CS TOOL .-100% Result -Q Mobile M95 SPD Read-Write Done

Do Not Compare Any Tool With CS TOOL 100% Result

Q Mobile M95 SPD SC7731- Read-Write Done


Action : Read Info
 Boot : SC7731/7730-EMMC
 Warning: if any interrupt during this operation, the phone maybe cant boot because it will always set in download mode, just run "Read info" to reset it
 1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
 2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
 (In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
 Waiting for Phone Usb....
 Phone found : SCI USB2Serial (COM11)
 Bootstrap: SPRD3
 Connected done.
 sending 1st boot...
 waiting for ack...
 1st boot done.
 Sending 2nd boot...
 2nd boot done.
 Checking H/W report info...
 waiting for boot patch ack...
 done, neo is online, everything under control now !
 CHIP    : SC7731/0
 CPU ID  : 8730B000
 EMMC ID  : 90014A483847316505
 EMMC Size: 4GB,  usable capacity: 4.00GB
 EMMC Name: eMMC_Hynix_H8G1e
 Boot Information completed.
 Reading Project Property ...
 Brand          : QMobile

Phone Model    : QMobile M95

 Android Ver    : 4.4.3
 CPU/Processor  : SP7731GEA_V1.0.0
 SPD Project ver : scx35_sp7731geaplus_dt-user 4.4.3 KOT49H 14B_eng.honggang.20151005.114832 test-keys
 SW Version      : KOT49H 14B_test-keys
 Action completed
 Time taken : 00:00:19
 Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
 CS-Tool Ver 1.39.3

Read Firmware

Write Firmware

SET 100% Working Fine