Does GC pro key support S6 SM-G920F? (DRK problem)

Does GC pro key support S6 SM-G920F?

I have a problem with the DRK file. I get this error message on the recovery mode screen ‘dm-verity verification failed… need to check DRK first…’ and the phone hangs on the Samsung logo after flashing 4 file ROM.

The phone goes through when rooted but does not get signal, always says ’emergency calls only’. Sometimes the service codes i.e. *#06#, *#0808# etc don’t work.

The IMEI is working fine.

I have searched google and some results tell me that I flashing a cert file using a GC Pro will repair the DRK error.

What I need to know before I buy this product is if this model (SM-G920F) is supported and have others fixed this problem using this method? My firmware is 5.1.1.

Thanks in advance!