Dongle block

Check Dongle Status Started…
Dongle SN: 0F6BC9BB
Dongle COS Version: 02.06
Dongle Zone code 56
Dongle Agent code 8000
Dongle Vendor Info: 8B3 – 3CB4
Getting zZ dongle internal firmware…
Dongle Status: BLOCKED! (1)
Your Dongle has been Blocked
1- Click on UpdateDongle and wait until process end.
2- if you are not authorized please send email to with your SN in subject, attach file C:\Users\KINGGE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$ EXa0.656\ dongle_block.z as attachements and explication about why your use of unauthorized app.

Checking Dongle Authorize Status, please wait…
Authorize Update Status: OK!
Operation Done.
Any solution