Dongle is Blocked

My infinity Dongle is Blocked.
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DongleManager [Infinity-Box] v1.64 [8/10/2016 12:04:50 PM]
PC HWID: 78A6E59A87035AFF8EB71D5FE4E665A4
Box/Dongle searching…
Box/Dongle found: [BEST]
Card-Reader: Generic EMV Smartcard Reader 1
HWID: 0108656C24881292
Box/Dongle Serial No (S/N): FD45656C
Firmware version: 0122.02
Box/Dongle Status: 6A
"UK edition" status: Off
Last launched Application: 0030 v.0153
=> Activations:
– 00: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle v.0132
– 03: [BEST] v.0122
Box/Dongle key: 7F634CA985B6A108
=> Box/Dongle misconfiguration. ErrorCode #6A

how to solve this problem?