dont delete my post its geniune question i ask

dear miracle team ps and pm

u have launched renwal policies

i agree i will buy but can u tell me somthing

1) after renwal can ur tool give 100% perfect solution of spreadrum cpus
u can check ur self ur tool not able to repair imei of set it has booting bootload eror all time

2) ur tool have server issue if i depend on ur tool and ur server stoped for few days as before it happen what we do we invest to earn but if tool not work what should we do no customers wait for repair they go back means we loss money

3) ur mtk tool have driver issue it need certain drivers to boot

4) most of new cpus of mtk have certain issue but u wont fixd

5)ur spd 6531 and 530 have issue if we format set dead means we need flash for all sets not possible so make tool format perfect

6) u wont have 2016 frp solution yet

7)ur tool occupied two ports so just make only one thing working like key or box any one

8) ur tool wont have solution forsc77xx cpu yet

9) nor mi account perfect solution have

10) meizu phones not added yet

11) nor xiaomi bl locked set solution u gave

12) mtk secure chip solution not avl

13) for flashing phones why we need tool if we have flash file we can do same thing with factory tool

15) if we invest money we have right to know what beneifit we get from ur tool

17) u can check after jan 2016 u r going behind ur updates are very solw these days and server issue just out dated us from mkt so

before renwal kindly fixed all issue with r tool than we buy instatly

so pm and ps please take it serious

hope u wont delte my post

waitting for ur kind response

bhim garhwa