doro easy 611 unlock done sigmakey

SigmaKey 2.14.02 MTK: Direct unlock
USB Serial Port (COM2), Provider: FTDI, Driver ver.:, Date: 4/10/2012, FTDIBUS\COMPORT&VID_0403&PID_6001
Baud rate: 19200
Release "Power on" button!
Baseband Processor: MT6253, HW Rev. A.04, SW Rev. A.00
Serial number: 3C6643560340ppp==yyt234D4A635207luiyyyBD61C11
Testing external RAM…8 Mb
Detecting flash…NOR, ID: 00898904-00000000, manufacturer: Intel, model: M18LR256B
Flash size: 32 Mb, TOP
File system: 13.75 Mb @ 01240000
Firmware: YACHT_S08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6253_S00.YACHT-S08A_DORO611_L18EN_202_120814
Hardware IMEI: 35963904160hggh3
Mounting system disk…#1
Security area saved to "C:\Documents and Settings\Good Name\My Documents\SigmaKey\security backup9639041602063_YACHT_S08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT625 3_S00_YACHT-S08A_DORO611_L18EN_202_120814.skb"
Unlocking phone…Done