Download Latest Samsung Firmwares Directly from Samsung Servers

Click here to download the program

1. Just enter full Model Number
2. Enter 3 digit region code
3. Check Auto Box
4. Check Decrypt automatically box (this will convert the .enc4 file into a zip file after it downloads)
5. Click Check Update
6. Click Download

After you click check update it will search for newest update for that model and for that region. After it finds the latest firmware just click Download. After it downloads it will automatically start the convert to enc4 to zip process. There you go. You actually know what the latest firmware version is for any model and can download it very fast.

3 Warnings:

1. Does not work for AT&T firmwares
2. Only can download latest firmware not any previous ones.
3. Works with Verizon but you have to choose manual and put in info.

**** ALL CREDIT GOES TO zxz0O0 ON XDA ****