DZ-0903A High precision NC power supply

DZ-0903A High precision NC power supply<New HardWare Repair Tool Has Stock Now!!!>

1. it is the maintenance of a regulated power supply with high precision digital display

2. of its current can be accurate to 0.0001A, you can make accurate judgment according to the value of the current mobile phone good fault

3. its powerful function of constant current, it can detect the mobile phone leakage, short circuit fault, also can be forced to charge into the battery power, which forced charge.

4. user output current (0-3A), 3A!

5. user output voltage (0-9V), the user to set the highest 9V

6. voltage output offset protection: when the instrument output voltage, is not equal to the set voltage, the instrument will cut off the output, load protection!

7. firmware upgrade online: DZ-0903A firmware can be upgraded through independent online platform, make the instrument get better service, more functions and optimization of the new algorithm.

8. it can quickly adjust the voltage and output voltage: (2.050V-9.000V) zero error, the control precision is up to 0.0001V, to ensure the output accuracy of 0.001V! Too high precision the oscilloscope almost not measured out the ripple coefficient, hundreds of Yuan fluke multimeter are unable to measure precision, because we are it 100 times the accuracy.

9. current detection: (0.0000-3.0000A) high accuracy 0.1mA usually to detect micro current, simple way is increase a current sensing resistor makes in a minute current in the high resistance produced larger pressure drop, do the biggest disadvantage is line loss is greatly improved, for the detection of large current, high accuracy is helpless. The DZ-0903A heavyweight import ADC to solve this problem!

Using the most advanced imported 18 ADC (+ 2^17) conversion is 13, 1/10000 accuracy (1/131071). In the 0.010 test of resistance, after 8 times magnification (0.05% error amplifier), the current conversion accuracy of 0.1mA resolution. The detection range of up to 0-3.5A. Is the need to introduce 0.010 ohm resistance voltage drop detection, has been adjusted to compensate for the voltage PID.

10. if the current exceeds the set value will warn

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