E160s imei repair problem.

i have this problem .
Platform: Samsung Anycall
Selected port: COM40
Selected model: SHV-E160S
Mode: Normal
Phone model: AAABQOCZ
Warning: Selected model (SHV-E160S) differs from the detected one
Firmware compiled date: Sep 01 2011
Firmware compiled time: 23:00:00
Firmware released date: Jul 27 2012
Firmware released time: 14:05:32
Incorrect IMEI
SW version: M8260A-AABQOCZM-3.0.552040T
Creating NVM backup
Reading NVM done!
Repairing NVM for SHV-E160S phone…
Writing NVM failed
NVM repair completed successfully
Phone will restart now
Performed by 2.2.7 software version

plz help team.