EasyJtag Release v2.1.1.1 notes.

EasyJtag Release v2.1.1.1

Fixed some UI bugs.

Box Firmware 1.55

  • Added additional AES 128 Security level * ( surprise for some copypasters )
  • Fixed bug with Z3X LG Tool force close bug when some models selected.

* We are implementing new protection levels of our software to ensure our customers
to use authentic and well protected solution on market.

Added phones:

  • Added SAMSUNG SM-J200F (ISP Pinout, Dumps) [Thanks naushad09]
  • Added LG D405 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LG D410 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LG D415 (ISP Pinout)
  • Added LENOVO A1000 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LENOVO A706 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LENOVO P780 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LENOVO A390 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
  • Added LENOVO A560 (ISP Pinout)
  • Added LENOVO A586 (ISP Pinout)
  • Added ACER Z130 (ISP Pinout)

@blang – add some colors 😉