eMMC Read Problem (GT-i9020 / SEM16G / SanDisk SDIN4C2 16GB)


I searched the forum serveral times but did not find a similar problem. What I would like to do is read the user area of my dead Nexus S (GT-i9020).
I tried with JTAG but only got the lower 512 MB but not the User area.
So I decided to solder wires to PCB as shown on the pictures but that also gave me nothing.

As last try I desolders the eMMC (SanDisk SDIN4C2 16GB) an connect it via MOORC 5-in-1 adapter to my Z3X-EasyJtag.
That looked better to me because the chip was identified this time but I’m still unable to read the data partition.

Can you please help me to find my mistake?

Many thanks

(looks like I can’t post my log, will try again)