..:: Error 53 100% Fix Tested ::..

Step 1: iPhone with 53 Error
Step 2:New Pin Pack(Never Ever
Activated iPhone) or New Home Button Original From China.

Step 1: Open your 53 error iphone and remove old touch id(Home Button).
Step 2: Open Your New iPhone(Never Ever Activated) And Take out Touch id(Home button).
Step 3: Replace Touch id(Home Button) From New iPhone (Never Ever Activated) to Old iPhone (infected with 53 Error)
Step 4: Restore your Old iPhone(infected with 53 Error) using New iTune to Latest Firmware Version.
Most Important:
Step 6: Once your phone is flashed ,Remove Usb cable When you see Apple logo.
Step 7: Remove Touch id(Home Button) From Old Phone And then Activate it using wifi or itune.

Note: If you don’t remove touch id(Home button) After flashing your 53 error iphone , Phone will be activated on Touch id and you will not be able to use that touch id to repair other iPhones
inShort When ever,Where ever you will activate touch id , You will require new touch id or New Pin Pack iPhone.

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