error: preprocess_file : Cannot open file

Hi Guys,
When I try to flash a phone (HTC Desire) with xtc2Clip (ver 1.16), and when I chose a ZIP file, the following error occurs:

Starting flash process…
error: preprocess_file : Cannot open file D:\HTC
Flash process completed.

I tried renaming the ZIP file with shorter name and moved it to the root in d:\ , still no success

I’ve tested the ZIP flash file for errors with WinRar and everything seems fine. The ZIP is downloaded from the support page
0PKXIMG_A32_UL_L51_DESIRE_SENSE70_HTC_Europe_1.02. 401.4_Radio_1.0.U20410.1@50720.2C_17.00_018_F_rele ase_445021_signed_2_4

Also tested with another phone, another zip, the same error appears

Do you know what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance!