Error Write wfixnv1

EXE: NckDongle Spreadtrum Module 0.1
ACTION: Flash Firmware.
Selected firmware: SP7731GEA_HD_SP7731G_5.1_Cherry_Flare_J1_H130_V04_ 20150928.pac
Start Detect phone.
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Long press "VOL -" key while inserting usb cable.
Keep key untill boot complete.
Detected: SCI USB2Serial (COM15)
Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.
Loader OK: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Changing bautrate OK.
First boot done.
Send Second Loader.
[wfixnv1]Making nvram backup..
Error checksum file.
[prodnv]Making nvram backup..
[wcnfixnv1]Making nvram backup..
Backup saved: C:\Users\Bernie\Documents\NckDongle\backup\spd_nvr am_backup6416025257800_nv_backup.bin_1.bin
Start write: wfixnv1
Wrong responce.
Error Write wfixnv1
Total Time: 00:00:41