eSTAR BEAUTY HD Quad Core 7″ MID730 firmware


After playing with some root files, phone cant pass estar logo now. Can someone upload firmware for this phone pls?

Full phone name (written on back side) is eSTAR BEAUTY HD Quad Core WHITE MID 7308W.
When i enter in boot (power button + vol +) it says MID7308SV1.1_20150528,
I do not know what was original android, since owner before me was reinstalling 1 time android, but current version was 5.1.1.

If i can use this topic for 1 more question. I found on internet some firmware, but i do not know what MID it is nor nothing similar. And i’m not expert on android, don’t really know what is a meaning of all those numbers.
My question will be will i be able to remove boot that starts with pressing power button + vol + if i try to install wrong firmware, or it is something that is not controlled by android?