Extract all files from the most mtk that has problems

Hi all …
{ Extract all files from the most mtk phones which stuck on logo or other problem with simple steps }
You know that CM2 support option extract images and videos but it extract only camera folder .
What if you have important files what do you do ?
You know that miracle box support read flash as scatter
The feather that it read flash with all user data in big file
The most important it read specific files .
Now explain that.
Open miracle box and check on read , save as scatter , press start botton and connect your device

and choose userdata only

Now we have a big file possible up to 10 GB
But How to open it ?
After search I found small program can open it easily
Ext2explore link here
Open the program choose file choose userdata.bin and specific folder you want and choose extract .
Often the images and videos will be in path media > 0