Fake network unlock on huawei (LYO-LO2)

here is log software saying unlock but when u put sim card asking me to enter network unlock code
all huawei Frp network unlock have problem plz give us real solution

Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 12.15.1511 @ 2016-11-29

[Removing network lock...]

Searching for Manufacture port...
Switching to diag mode.
Phone version:
BB chip version: mt6735,S01
DSP fw version: Tue Jul 19 06:50:24 CST 2016
DSP patch version: n/a
Eco version: n/a
Hardware version: LYO-L02C712B102
Melody version: S01
Software version: n/a

Clearing network lock...

Turning off the phone...

Finished successfully.
Finished at local time: [11.29.16 11:43:56]
WorkID: 15453956